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Junior Orsi is a subsidiary organisation of the Orsi-Academy. Orsi- Academy is the largest Robotic Surgery Academy in the world. Furthermore, Junior Orsi stands to promote innovation, research and education in the medical field. Like our mother organisation, our cause stands to unite students with different educational backgrounds with a keen interest in innovation, primarily in the medical field. We aspire to encourage you to be at the forefront of innovation by organising different events.

Junior Orsi Board

The Junior Orsi board consists of enthusiastic engineering and medical students from KU Leuven, UGent and UAntwerp.



The goal of Junior Orsi is to introduce (bio)medical, veterinary, dentistry and engineering-students to the innovative and surprising side of the healthcare sector.


By forming a network in which experienced doctors, engineers and developers meet each other to discuss ground-breaking projects.


Trigger students to be motivated to improve medical care now and in the future, because students are the future of tomorrow.


We’ve created a think-tank composed of young, curious and investigative minds to bring medicine and technology together through robotic surgery courses, readings, company visits, presentations and brainstorming sessions.


Junior Orsi offers 4 career progressing tracks

  • Innovation Track
  • Engineering Track
  • Medical Track
  • DentistryTrack


We offer different kinds of workshops. Do you see yourself as the next robotic surgeon? Why not start now and get the hang of robotic surgery at one of our workshops? Want to know everything about the production and engineering behind new healthcare facilities? Or do you want discover the newest techniques in dentistry?

Prof. dr. Alexandre Mottrie

A fool with a tool is still a fool

Prof. dr. Alexandre Mottrie



Founder ORSI Academy


Prof. Sarah Baatout

Congratulations on taking this Congress 2021 initiative to increase knowledge and awareness of various innovative subjects related to the crucial areas of health and medicine.

Prof. Sarah Baatout



Head of Radiobiology Unit Belgian Nuclear Research Centre


Prof. dr. Van Hoe

Like many other sectors, medicine is currently shaken up by the rapid pace of technical innovation in artificial intelligence and robotics. Events such as "The future of AI in healthcare", organized by Junior Orsi, bring together bright young minds at the crossroad of medicine and engineering and provide a unique opportunity for young professionals to participate actively in the creation of tomorrow's healthcare.

Prof. dr. Van Hoe



Radiology OLVZ